Simon Ringrow [OWSI #650827]

When I was a boy I used to watch in fascination as
Jacques Cousteau explored the depths of our oceans,
thinking at the time this was something only explorers
and scientists ever had the opportunity to do.
Several years ago I qualified as an Open Water Diver
and from that point on I became hooked on the sport.
I am now an PADI instructor and founder of Let's Dive.

Karen Curtis-Vincent [MSDT #636372]

I learned to dive in 2002 in the warm waters of the Red Sea.
After completing my Divemaster course in 2005, I decided to
relocate to Sharm el Sheikh to train as a dive instructor and
ended up spending 3 years working as an instructor/photographer.
My most memorable dives all have one thing in common - SHARKS
they're like marmite, you either love 'em or you hate 'em!.